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            Kitchener Eatery: 347 Lancaster St. West.  

                                    Come experience yourself             "true quality taste!"

bbq sensations catering is the Waterloo Region's pioneer caterer featuring foods locally grown and raised,    much gluten free, some Vegetarian and Vegan options, also can help with most challenging allergies.

Food is prepared by hand fresh not from frozen, by certified professionals in a health certified and regularly inspected safe food kitchen.

Our success are owed simply working closely with our clients continuously performing above expectancy of personalized services, outstanding food quality and value. 

Looking for something different or old favorites? We provide all the services you need for intimate groups or major events. Whether you need paper plates, a crystal punch bowl, or somewhere in between, it’s easy with bbq sensations catering on the scene. 

bbq sensations catering continues to hold its impeccable health standards ensuring public safety.                                                                


Promotions and Specials



                                            You can visit us at our eatery


Tuesday – Wednesday:  10am. –  11:30pm.       Thursday – Friday:  10am. –  10pm.

Saturday:  9am. –  10pm.                             Sunday:  9am. – 8pm.

Monday:  by appointment

beside Forwell Variety, up from Gulf steakhouse, and down from Kypreos 

all day breakfast         daily specials              

On site summer mobile barbecue service for 2014 openings are limited, 2015 are fair   

Now accepting reservations for 2015 + 

bbq sensations catering is the homegrown pioneer

serving Waterloo Region and outlying communities

come play Texas Holdem poker,  Wednesday 7pm - 11ish

Euchre Tuesday first game starts at 7pm starting November 12.

free to play, all welcome, add a little excitement without breakin the bank 

venue  bbq sensations eatery 

   Many thanks and much appreciation to our friends, clients and business alliances 

  bbq sensations catering looks forward to developing new relationships this comming new year 

Review us on "yelp.ca"

                                and  "411.ca"

find us on facebook and Twitter 


bbq sensations catering fully supports  neighbors doing business with their neighbors.

"Homegrown and fresh is always best!"

                                                           bbq sensationscatering                         
                    Kitchener, ON 
                 Phone: 519-722-1511, 519-721-5884 
            E-mail: bbqsensations@gmail.com

Corporate Office Hours
Monday - Friday, 9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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